Last week we talked price history on a James Bond watch model released new 10 years ago.

Today we’re gonna go back to the very first James Bond watch, dated 50 years ago — and worn by 007 creator Ian Fleming.

Like so many Rolex references, not all 1016 Explorer watches are the same. When it comes to the original literary James Bond watch, one of the key distinguishing features is the radium-226 dial. This was provided for only the first few years. On top of that, a great many of them were switched out in favor of those featuring safer paints and sometimes just for perceived better aesthetics.

The year it was revealed through my February 2008 WatchTime article exactly what watch Ian Fleming had specified for his literary James Bond character, the largest number of Rolex 1016 Explorer timekeepers I’ve seen since was sold (see James Bond Watches Price Guide 2011).

Average price: $4,800 US.

In 2010, James Bond Rolex 1016 Explorer pricing had jumped to just under $6,000 and had become more scarce.

Last year, these watches were selling for well-over $7,300 and at approximately the same volume.

I can’t establish cause-and-effect between continue reading…