"James Bond Wore Quartz Wristwatches. You Noticed," by Dell Deaton, 2015, page 426.

“James Bond Wore Quartz Wristwatches. You Noticed,” by Dell Deaton, 2015, page 426.

The advance poster for SPECTRE gave nothing away in terms of plot details for that next EON Productions movie.

But it clearly showed Daniel Craig in-character as Agent 007, wearing a diver’s* watch!

On a NATO strap!

Perfectly accessorizing the retro-contemporary look set by commando-black sweater, dress slacks, and leather shoulder holster, no less.

Given the Watch & Clock Bulletin readership, I’m willing to bet that many of you at least noticed that James Bond watch.

But when did the public take notice?

And why?

Let me be clearer. At what point, historically, did people start to regularly take note of James Bond wristwatch choices? Can we identify some originally inherent reason that led them to value having such information?

As the title of this article implies, I believe that we can. Furthermore, continue reading…