Dell Deaton, Guest Curator, "Bond Watches, James Bond Watches" exhibit, National Watch & Clock Museum

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For better than a decade of utilizing the Internet now, it’s been my contention that the ultimate issue was never access to nor amount of information.

We’ve been literally drowning in information since long before the world wide web went mainstream.

Long before Al Ries and Jack Trout observed this as a problem in their 1981 work, Positioning.

The real issue is and has always been about accountability.

Which is the best answer to your question? What’s the best source? And with that, why?

Some time back, in the days of Prodigy and CompuServe, I guess, someone came up with the fanciful notion of participants using “handles” in lieu of their real names. Cute. Maybe even appropriate, in that way that leisure suits were considered appropriate — in their time.

From there it became the norm on forums of all sorts. Official and independent. And since professional journalists (or, at a minimum, stockholders and executive managers responsible for directing professional journalism) so little understood the difference in value proposition between message and medium, it’s no wonder so many of them have followed like lemmings.

Catastrophically abandoning responsible and valuable letters-to-the-editor policies that required signatures, with verification. Desperately grasping for continued relevance, these former ink-on-paper types fell for the premise that sheer volume equated to value.

Credibility be damned.

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