Poll of Rolex watch fans vis-a-vis James Bond, 7/14/2011

Survey results (preliminary): "How does new James Bond Rolex choice influence your opinion of 34mm watches?" July 8, 2011: 227 voters, so far

Part 3 of 3 here strongly wraps up the series this week, which seeks to put just how much self-selecting members of the Rolex community actually do care about affiliation of their brand with “James Bond.”

The last James Bond movie premiered over 2½ years ago.

It’ll be another 1½ years until the next one comes out.

Carte Blanche, the Ian Fleming continuation novel, written by Jeffery Deaver, was published on May 26, 2011, in the United Kingdom.

That’s 3 years since the 007 book before it, Devil May Care.

Little more than a month after confirming that Jeffery Deaver had put a Rolex on his own Carte Blanche James Bond — a 34mm Oyster Perpetual Date, black dial, domed bezel — I put out a poll to the same audience whose surveys were covered here on July 18 and 20.

“The fact that James Bond wears a 34mm Rolex in Carte Blanche:” was the lead, with 8 options for response. Pro and con were balanced at 3 each, with “no impact” and “No opinion / refuse to answer” rounding out the choices.

In less than a week, 227 votes had been cast: Over 80% more than the April 2009 “Bond 23” fantasy watch query.

Already more than continue reading…