"The Time When James Bond Did Not Wear a Wristwatch," Wrist Watch magazine (May 2014), by Dell Deaton

“The Time When James Bond Did Not Wear a Wristwatch,” Wrist Watch magazine (May 2014), by Dell Deaton

We might also consider moments without watches during sexual intimacy.

Note for example Bond’s departure from the bedroom of Holly Goodhead in Venice. After their obvious romantic interlude, James Bond retrieves his watch from the nightstand, then fastens it again to his wrist.

With Agent Strawberry Fields (after the franchise re-boot), our ever-defiant gentleman spy is shown without his watch as he begins to seduce here (again).

Thus we have here the foundation for formal discussion of ‘non-watches’ as a sort of James Bond watch ‘brand’ in their own right.

And with that, some will be inclined to suggest that we move on from a sampling of examples, to a definitive list of all appearances. Or, rather, non-appearances.

Others will look for patterns, debate discrepancies by positing pairings of similar circumstances. ‘Why did Bond wear his wristwatch to bed with Miss Taro, bu tnot wear any watch at all to bed with Tiffany Case?’

‘Where?’ and ‘How often?’ become ‘should’ — invitations to argue.

I’d like to call call attention to the two call-out photo captions on this page in particular. They speak to the original, continue reading…