As part of my feature article in the May 2014 issue of Wrist Watch magazine, the publishers ran this sidebar on the National Watch & Clock Museum.

"The Time When James Bond Did Not Wear a Wristwatch," Wrist Watch magazine (May 2014), by Dell Deaton

“The Time When James Bond Did Not Wear a Wristwatch,” Wrist Watch magazine (May 2014), by Dell Deaton

The National Watch & Clock Museum is making a concerted effort to embrace and better tell the story of the history, development, and artistry of the wristwatch. The resources to undertake this effort were made available recently through the generosity of industry partners like Galet Watch Group and Hamilton International.

The greatest challenge any Museum faces is making the subject matter relevant to the majority of its visitors who may know little or nothing about the subject.

As we looked for a means to engage the public we investigated a number of potential storylines and, after lengthy discussions with Dell Deaton of, chose to explore James Bond’s wristwatches as a mechanism for telling the story.

There was little question in the Museum’s mind that the story of James Bond’s watches, and Ian Fleming’s seminal inspiration for those watches, was the perfect way for the Museum to address wristwatch development in the latter half of the 20th century in a way that could capture the imagination of our visitors. This realization has led to a multi-year partnership between the Museum, Dell Deaton and the Fleming family beginning with an extensive exhibit on Bond watches in 2010 and continuing with the current micro-exhibit being presented in 2014. The Museum hopes to, in the future, explore wristwatch development further through the lens of James Bond with the expertise of Mr Deaton.

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— Dell Deaton, Curator
James Bond Wore the Quartz Revolution