Rolex 6238 Chronograph wristwatch

Photo Set #3: Rolex 6238 Chronograph, serial number 1206613 (same as reported by Christie's for James Bond watch in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service")

Not including the original from the 2003 Christie’s auction, that is.

To recap: This past Thanksgiving Day weekend, a credible source appeared on Twitter in response to a post made by Hodinkee about its report that Matthew Bain, Inc., had purchased and now continues to own the screen-worn James Bond Rolex 6238 Chronograph from the movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Eon Productions, 1969).

That story, “So— is it ‘the’ George Lazenby James Bond Chronograph, or not?” appeared on this James Bond Watches Blog on November 28, 2011.

You can also read about my own follow-up to the Hodinkee story, including reports from my own interview with Matt Bain, posted here on September 29, 2010.

As part of that, Mr Bain kindly provided me with high-resolution photographs of this Rolex 6238 pre-Daytona Chronograph. Those half-dozen-plus images can be found here on the September 29, 2010, post. Let’s call this “Photo Set #1.”

Then, as the current controversy broke, I received a photograph said to be of the Rolex 6238 sold by Christie’s on December 16, 2003, via Sale number 9771, Lot 164. That photo was published here on this James Bond Watches Blog on December 16, 2003. It was taken by a customer of the “euro-collector” shortly after the Christie’s sale. Recall that Christie’s listed its case number (serial number) as 1206613.

Label this: “Photo Set #2.”

Assuming both claims are true— the Christie’s watch would have to have been sold first to the euro-collector. Then the euro-collector would have to have continue reading…