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Rolex Submariner 5513 buzz-saw James Bond gadget-watch prop from "Live and Let Die"

The original James Bond buzz-saw gadget watch designed and created by Syd Cain for "Live and Let Die" will be up for auction by Christie's, Geneva, on November 14, 2011

The original Rolex 5513 Submariner watch with buzz-saw modifications sold at auction yesterday for CHF 219,000 ($242,655) through Christie’s, Geneva.

Actor Roger Moore wore this exact Rolex wristwatch as James Bond in the 1973 Eon Productions 007 film, Live and Let Die.

Pre-sale estimates anticipated between $221,603 and $443,206 as its final selling price. This was Christie’s sale 1383, lot 182.

By comparison, a Omega 2900.50.91 Seamaster Planet Ocean worn by Daniel Craig in his inaugural James Bond movie, Casino Royale (Eon Productions, 2006), sold for CHF 250,250 (which would convert to approximately $275,409 at the prevailing exchange rate today).

This same lot 182 Rolex 5513 Submariner, serial (case) number 2683776, previously sold for $37,560 through Christie’s in February of 2001. Bracelet markings notwithstanding, according to Martin Skeet and Nick Urul, Vintage Rolex Sports Models, the Live and Let Die buzz-saw Rolex manufacture date (before Syd Cain modifications for the movie, of course) is more likely sometime in 1969 or 1970.

Image courtesy Christie’s

As promised, here’s our second installment of script references to James Bond’s watch from the Live and Let Die View-Master slide packet.

Text associated with Picture Three on Reel Two reads as follows.

Now Solitaire was put to the test. Kananga ordered his tall black henchman Tee-Hee to stand beside Bond. Tee-Hee, who had lost an arm, wore a fake arm fitted with a savage pair of pincers. Kananga read out the number on Bond’s wristwatch. ‘True or false?’ he asked Solitaire. If her reply was wrong, Tee-Hee was to cut off Bond’s little finger with the pincers.

Picture Six on Reel Three included the illustration shown in this Blog along with the following verbiage.

Bond pulled at the winding button on his watch. A shark gun pellet, drawn by the hyper-intensified magnetic field, flew straight to his wrist. He touched the watch again. The outer ring of its casing began to spin around like a miniature circular saw. Bond cut through the ropes on his wrists….