Did James Bond wear a Girard-Perregaux wristwatch? Nope.Over a year now since WatchTime published my article on having discovered the original, literary James Bond Rolex (Explorer 1016), I continue to get questions related to a sidebar photo and caption that the magazine ran under “Bad Guys, Good Watches.”

Didn’t James Bond wear a Girard-Perregaux, too?

That’s legitimate to ask when you fast forward to Chapter 27 of From Russia with Love. Here, bad guy shoots Bond’s watch on his wrist. Bond kills bad guy, takes bad guy’s watch and starts wearing it as replacement. Bad guy’s watch thus becomes a James Bond watch. Identify brand of bad guy watch and you have brand name for Bond watch. Right?

Not exactly. Go back to Chapter 1 for initial details on that bad guy and follow through everything that Ian Fleming shared with his readers. Donovan Grant or “Red” Grant: We’re introduced to him on holiday, wearing his personal, indulgent timepiece. continue reading…