Gruen was the first James Bond watch to appear in any 007 movie

It’s believed that the same Gruen Precision model featured as the James Bond watch in Dr No was also the only wristwatch worn by Agent 007 in You Only Live Twice

Before finally signing-off on this watch identification as “definitive,” one question remains.

If Bond’s watch “needed to be a Rolex,” wouldn’t that apply to all of his watches? It’s a quote that’s been repeated ad nauseam.

If that’s what you take from James Bond: The Legacy, then I must respectfully defer to John Cork and Bruce Scivally for response. What I can say based on my own discussion of this with Ron Quelch is that I did not get that impression. I might rather have said that the Dr. No diver’s watch “happened to be a Rolex.”

Because that’s what Cubby Broccoli happened to have been wearing when he took the watch off his own wrist to settle a tangential argument in 1961 about what James Bond should wear as an “action prop” in Dr. No. It struck me more like the take-charge act of a responsible businessman interceding to get on with it, as opposed to anything like the obsessive brand-chasing so often argued for on select pockets of the Internet.

Whatever the diver’s watch is, “happened to be” or “needed to be,” the dress watch is this Gruen Precision with subsidiary seconds dial.

And what about the picture on page 36 of James Bond: The Legacy that shows James Bond checking his watch while embracing Sylvia Trench? Its continue reading…