Screen capture of Christie's Watches Online: Featuring OMEGA James Bond Commander's Limited Series results, October 17, 2017.

Screen capture of Christie’s Watches Online: Featuring OMEGA James Bond Commander’s Limited Series results, October 17, 2017.

Last month on October 17, Christie’s auctioned three versions of the new Omega Seamaster “Commander’s Watch” Limited Edition. Final prices realized were easy enough to find, and arguments can be made about the degree to which these represent true wristwatch values given the extras that were included with each lot.

Before getting into a further analysis of what these sales may mean in terms of Omega and James Bond watch collecting, it should be noted that one of the pieces was “news” in and of itself. Lot 3, referenced as a “Unique Piece” was one-of-a-kind. Sold for US $87,500.00, it is 18 carat white gold and its sale included a Royal Navy Ensign flag personally signed by actor Daniel Craig.

This isn’t the first one-off licensed James Bond watch produced by Omega and auctioned by Christie’s. In 2014, it was “Goldfinger: The 50th Anniversary” watch. That Goldfinger-labeled watch sold for 106,000 CHF, considerably more than the recent Lot 3 Commander’s Watch. Was that watch, its packaging, and the time that much different?

Unlike Lot 3, Lots 1 and 2 had at least been announced sometime prior to the Christie’s auction. On July 5, Omega made what was a rather surprising splash with its presentation of both a limited 7,007-piece stainless steel version and a 7-piece yellow-gold version. It’s easy to forget that, at that point Bond 25 had yet to be announced and the last we’d heard from Daniel Craig post-SPECTRE was that he’d rather slash his wrists than play James Bond again.

The less-than-four-month interval between James Bond Commander’s Watch unveiling by Omega and auction by Christie’s makes the sale of all three watches here a strictly Internet-oriented deal. Solidly gone are the days when print publications would break with news of a new wristwatch release, later adding details based on some extended experience with the item, supplemented by perspective based on reminders of past-similar offerings.

Finally, made inquiries prior to the close of this auction and learned that these watches were all sold as new, with full Omega warranties. Amont other things, this means that some Swiss luxury watches are, in fact, legitimately being sold online.