Breitling for Bentley Motors T Speed watch on Carte Blanche book

Jeffery Deaver wore this Breitling for Bentley and identified it as the second James Bond watch in his novel, Carte Blanche. It will be on display at Lewis Jewelers as part of a special VIP showing on November 12, 2011.

In this case, “the” doesn’t just mean the exact same model specified for James Bond in Carte Blanche.

Rather, this is the original, exact wristwatch that Jeffery Deaver used to particularly identify the watch he’d intended for his 007 character to wear undercover during the latter part of the novel.

Mr Deaver actually wore this Breitling for Bentley for Bentley model A2536513 Bentley Motors T Speed chronograph with “Neptune Blue” (C781) dial, on 991A Speed bracelet.

That was at McIntyre’s Books in North Carolina, the last stop on his 2011 US book tour for Simon & Schuster.

That watch was provided by Lewis Jewelers of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Lewis is a longtime supporter of James Bond-related interests as an Authorized Dealer for Omega, product placement partner for the Eon Production films since GoldenEye, 1995.

Although no such arrangement was made or exists between Breitling and those involved with the Carte Blanche book, Lewis Jewelers (also an Authorized Dealer for Breitling, including Breitling for Bentley), generously stepped up to provide this watch in support of James Bond watch aficianados who wanted an absolute ID for the novel.

Tomorrow night, Lewis will have this watch on display in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as part of its Annual Private Showing.

Along with it: A first edition of Carte Blanche, personally signed by Jeffery Deaver, and referencing James Bond’s choice of Breitling for Bentley therein.

Breitling for Bentley James Bond watch, courtesy Lewis Jewelers, Ann Arbor, Michigan