Jeffery Deaver, wearing James Bond's Breitling watch from Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche author Jeffery Deaver, wearing a Breitling for Bentley Motors T Speed chronograph identical to the watch he's specified for James Bond

It’s official—

James Bond wears a Breitling for Bentley model A2536513 Bentley Motors T Speed chronograph with “Neptune Blue” (C781) dial, on 991A Speed bracelet, in the new Jeffery Deaver 007 novel, Carte Blanche.

Confirmation of this is 100% certain, per identification provided exclusively to me by Mr Deaver.

In the photo shown at left here on this James Bond Watches Blog, Jeffery Deaver is wearing a wristwatch exactly matching this specification. (My personal thanks to Lewis Jewelers of Ann Arbor, Michigan, for making that possible.)

As reported here two weeks ago, I asked Mr Deaver about this watch during one of my conversations with him at the June 14, 2011, VIP launch party for Carte Blanche in New York City. He told me that there had not been any particular model that had served as his go-by in writing the book. “Breitling,” however, was top-of-mind based on some of its pieces with impressively large cases.

Subsequently working, then, with Ron Peterson at Lewis, an authorized dealer for Breitling, the Breitling for Bentley, “Bentley Motors T Speed” emerged as most likely candidate based on the sum total of descriptions from Carte Blanche. “Neptune Blue” dial, as opposed to “Black Velvet” (B954), “Bronze” (Q565), or “Silver Storm” (G675) options; Speed bracelet, rather than strap.

Following up with my contacts at Simon & Schuster, arrangements were made for me to spend some time one-on-one with Jeffery Deaver prior to his final Carte Blanche book promotion appearance in the United States, at McIntyre Books in North Carolina. This was to include exclusive photography.

Last Wednesday, he arrived at the appointed place and time for this. Accompanied by Peter Mock of McIntyre, he warmly greeted me by saying, “There’s my friend, Dell.” As he was being seated in the area where we were to work, I handed him the Breitling A2536513 / C781.

“How’s that for an impressive watch?” he asked Mr Mock.

Peter Mock then left, and Mr Deaver and I talked casually as I shot photographs. First with him and this watch. Then with—. Well, that’ll have to wait for one or more future posts here on the James Bond Watches Blog. More important to this discussion is the issue of “certainty,” the designation of the Breitling for Bentley A2536513 / C781 Bentley Motors T Speed chronograph as the James Bond Breitling watch in Carte Blanche.

How do I know for sure that this is it?

Simple: I asked him. Directly. Given that no previous claim exists, would you “anoint” this as the James Bond Breitling watch for Carte Blanche?

“Yes,” Jeffery Deaver said.

Lest any of my readers here should panic, let me assure you that this sort of validation is not without precedent. Recall that gun expert Geoffery Boothroyd approached Ian Fleming in the midst of the original James Bond book series with input that subsequently shaped the definition of 007 firearm choices.

Thus we have another definitive James Bond watch identification here. And, as a final note I might add: Pure Deaver. Among other things, I asked about product placement decisions in Carte Blanche, and Jeff Deaver said to me directly what I’ve heard him say in other appearances, that there were no incentives, compensations, or pressures to influence any brand name he chose to reference in the book.

He chose Breitling for James Bond’s cover as Gene Theron because this is what he thought best served the plot. I’ve gone on to further nail down particulars on that watch because, for those who are interested in James Bond watches, it’s important to get it right.

Special thanks to Lewis Jewelers, McIntyre Books, and Simon & Schuster