Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date reference 115200 with black dial

Breaking news: Jeffery Deaver has exclusively identified to Dell Deaton the reference 115200 Oyster Perpetual Date with black dial as the James Bond Rolex watch in Carte Blanche

It’s official—

James Bond wears a Rolex reference 115200 Oyster Perpetual Date with black dial, domed bezel, in the new Jeffery Deaver 007 novel, Carte Blanche.

The same wristwatch pictured in the image here at left. And, of course, as you’ve seen before on this James Bond Watches Blog, posted May 27, 2011 (the day after Carte Blanche was first published by Hodder & Stoughton in Great Brittain).

Confirmation on this is 100% certain, per identification provided exclusively to me by Jeffery Deaver.

This is is, of course, very exciting news for James Bond fans with an interest in the relationship between the Rolex brand and Agent 007, which began with author Ian Fleming’s first reference in his novel, Live and Let Die (1954).

Mr Deaver and I were actually in direct contact much earlier regarding an anticipated James Bond watch for Carte Blanche. But any details (along with most others from his highly anticipated contribution to the literary Bond legacy), were not available for disclosure, per publisher mandate.

It’s a great honor to once again be the first out with another definitive James Bond watch identification. Thanks to Jeffery Deaver, his publishers, and, of course, the readers who’ve made James Bond Watches Blog their number one source for information on this niche interest.

Next week I’ll be attending by special invitation the US launch party for Carte Blanche, hosted by Simon & Schuster in New York. So you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out here, as well as on my James Bond Watch Docket and via Twitter @bondwatches for further updates.

Image courtesy Rolex