Hamilton Watch website home page, featuring Pulsomatic evolution, January 5, 2011

Hamilton Watches website shows current Pulsomatic model heritage, reaching back to Pulsar model worn by James Bond in 1973

Another indelible intersection between the James Bond brand and watchmaking history has surfaced.

Byway of introducing its “Pulsomatic” model, Hamilton Watch Company has produced a graphic which morphs this current timekeeper from a piece dating back four decades.

Back then, it was an unprecedented battery-powered digital featuring an innovative light-emitting diode (“LED”) display.

In the early 1970s, that brand was, in fact, produced here in the United States. Since then, Hamilton has become part of the Swatch Group, which is also parent company to Omega, producers of the current James Bond watch of choice.

Hence the “Swiss Made” reference seen below the Pulsomatic digits.

Seiko Watch Company acquired the “Pulsar” brand name in 1978, which explains both the new monikker here and a bit of creative license shown in the Hamilton graphic representing its product counterpart from 40 years ago.

A Hamilton Pulsar P2 model introduced Roger Moore as James Bond in the Eon Productions 007 film, Live and Let Die, in 1973.