Seiko 7A28-7020 SPR007 James Bond analog chronograph watch from A View to a KillWhile we’re on the subject of chronograph wristwatches associated with the fictional James Bond character, I thought this a good opportunity to highlight the last one featured in an Eon Productions film.

This watch also has a place in its own right, technology-wise: As the world’s first quartz chronograph.

It’s the Seiko model SPR007 (note the last three digits, which, I’m told, “officially,” are purely coincidental), in a caliber 7A28-7020 stainless steel case. Actor Roger Moore wore this in the role of James Bond throughout most of the action in A View to a Kill.

So far, it’s the only James Bond movie from Eon Productions where we’ve been able to confirm that three distinctly different watch models were featured on the wrist of Agent 007.

A screen-correct SPR007, 7A28-7020 is currently on display as part of our “Bond Watches, James Bond Watches” exhibit at the National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania.

This watch is included in our exclusive Definitive List of James Bond Watches, identified with “100% certainty,” as documented for us by Mark Mills of Seiko UK.

Incredibly, we learned while working with Mr Mills last year to develop a truly verified list of models provided to Eon Productions through its product placement partnership with Seiko UK that no one before that had ever made such an inquiry. In his April 30, 2010, letter to me, Mark Mills wrote, in part:

To the best of our knowledge, this response to your detailed requests and follow-up dialogue with you since last September marks the first occasion that a comprehensive report has been publicly provided.

It’s my pleasure to provide this bulletproof information to the many loyal James Bond Watches Blog readers.