Seiko M354-5019 SFX003 instructions: James Bond "Moonraker" watchCopies of the original operating instructions for the SEIKO Quartz LC (liquid crystal display) Memory-Bank Calendar worn by Roger Moore as James Bond 007 in the movie Moonraker (1979) are available in several formats on this James Bond Watches web page.

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This booklet is also available in *.pdf format, which is linked below.

Print layout was designed to be read as a front page (first), back page (last), and a two-page spread when laid open, flat (pages 2 and 3). Please note this when referring to these reference materials — since reading page 2 from top to bottom, for example, wouldn’t be very helpful for mastering the functions of this watch.

Case number M354-5019, model SFX003

As of September 2009, James Bond Watches was the first (and we believe exclusive) source to confirm directly from SEIKO the case / calibre and model number of the watch type they provided for actor Roger Moore to wear as James Bond in Moonraker. This was only the M354-5019, although the M354-5010 is virtually indistinguishable and may share the same model number SFX003.

SEIKO describes its M354 watch series as follows:

Digital, continuous readout in hours, minutes, seconds, month, day and date. Hours can be displayed on 12 – or 24-hour basis. The Memory Bank Calendar displays the full calendar for any month from January 1930 to December 2009, and can be pre-programmed with as many important dates as you wish to remember within a 12-month period. Water resistant.

An advertisement for the SEIKO M354 appearing in Sunset magazine, November 1978, “introduces” this as “the first LC digital quartz memory bank calendar. At that time, pricing ranged from $225 to $275 (suggested retail).

Click here for complete *.pdf version of SEIKO M354 watch instructions.