GAF View-Master sleeve for James Bond film, "Live and Let Die"In 1973, GAF View-Master produced a “Showtime” packet of 21 stereo pictures titled, “James Bond 007: Ian Fleming’s Live and Let Die.”

Although none of the color images featured anything approaching a detailed image of the James Bond watches featured in the related film, the accompanying script makes several references to horology à la Q-Branch.

This is rather significant, if you’re familiar with View-Master.

Slide producers obviously had to balance cutting a feature-length film into less than two dozen scenes, yet still tell a story. The script book contained simple drawings not always tying to the slides with which they are associated.

M‘s secretary, Miss Moneypenny, handed Bond his flight tickets. She had also brought Bond’s watch, modified by Q of the Special Ordinance Section.

Bond pulled the winding button of the watch, and M‘s coffee spoon flew suddenly from his saucer to Bond’s wrist.

‘A hyper-intensified magnetic field, sir,’ explained Bond. ‘Powerful enough to deflect the flight of a bullet at long range. Or so Q claims.’

What one wouldn’t give to have a stereo image of that James Bond watch!