Timothy Dalton as James Bond in The Living DaylightsTimothy Dalton is legitimately cited as the last James Bond to wear a Rolex wristwatch. However, it is quite clear that this was not the brand he first wore as 007 in The Living Daylights.

Images at left here are screen captures from the pre-title sequence in that film.

Shading makes it difficult at this point to say a great deal about the case and bracelet color, but the dial is clearly light.

Overall, the images make the black 1000 series Heuer 980 diver with glow face a strong possibility. The second image I’ve Posted would be consistent with that watch in a PVD body and matching bracelet.

Or the bracelet could simply be in shadow; contrast between the bezel and the case allows for the possibility that this is an older green-dial F1, with bakelite bezel and on a steel bracelet.

The final answer here may well be “none of the above,” of course. But at least we now know where not to look!

Screen Capture: James Bond Ultimate Edition, The Living Daylights (feature film), copyright 1997 United Artists Corporation and Danjac, LLC