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Last month we gave you a sampling from among the exclusive videos that visitors to the 2014 James Bond watch exhibit at the National Watch & Clock Museum can access on-site by scanning a QR Code from their personal smartphones.

Now, by popular demand, here’s another.

This time we’ve unlocked the one for James Bond’s Moonraker Seiko model SFX003, case number M354-5019 Memory-Bank Calendar wristwatch. This is another James Bond watch where definitive identification first came through my own original research.

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As it says on the cover of WristWatch magazine, May 2014 issue, “James Bond’s Watches through the Years” are the focus of an 8-page feature article.

Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Bues makes the introduction as follows.

"Bond Watches & More," Jonathan Bues, Editor-in-Chief, WristWatch magazine, May 2014

WristWatch magazine Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Bues introduces May 2014 feature article on James Bond watches by Dell Deaton

Bond’s Watches & More

No fictional character’s choice of wrist wear is more actively scrutinized than that of James Bond. Most WristWatch readers probably know that the Bond of Ian Fleming’s original novels wore a Rolex, a brand reprised on the wrist of Sean Connery in several Bond films. Readers probably know, too, that the current Bond, Daniel Craig, wears only Omega when he plays 007.

But do they also know that Seiko made a handful of appearances in Bond films along the way, as did Heuer, Gruen (the first Bond watch in film), Breitling and Pulsar?

James Bond expert and watch historian Dell Deaton has devoted countless hours to cataloguing the wristwatches of 007, both in film and in print.

As the curator of the recent NAWCC Museum exhibition on James Bond’s watches, Mr Deaton shares not only which watches Bond has worn in every major film appearance, but also hazards a guess as to what directors, in those rare instances when James Bond did not wear a watch continue reading…