Antique Week: "Watches kept James Bond on time and fashionable"

James Bond watches at the National Watch & Clock Museum made the cover of Antique Week, January 1, 2018. Image subject to multiple copyrights, used here with written permission of holders.

This may be one of the more important articles of late to cover James Bond watches.

Antiques Week is billed as having the largest paid circulation of any antiques and collectibles newspaper in the United States.

As such its front page feature article on collecting James Bond watches shows the mainstream importance of this subject.

Writer Barbara Miller Beem spent the better part of Saturday with us at the National Watch & Clock Museum last November in conjunction with our special live presentation on the collection of James Bond wristwatches in the Internet era.

More than simply reporting, she brought her own history as background — notably having seen the Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5 in person with her father during a promotional tour of the car connected with the movie release.

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